martedì 28 ottobre 2008

Yoxel: autologin & task highlight [ENG]

If you think that Yoxel leaves a lot to be desired, but you are still stuck with it, then you might be interested in these two Greasemonkey scripts.

The first deals with the "remember password" feature of Firefox that the clever design of Yoxel is apparently able to break:

var itUsernames = document.getElementsByName("yoxelid");
var itPasswords = document.getElementsByName("pw");
var itForms = document.getElementsByName("login_form");
itUsernames[0].value = "mcorazzi";
itPasswords[0].value = "________";

The second highlights all the table rows where the chosen identifier is found, to easily spot what tasks someone is up to:

var identifier = "Manrico Corazzi";

var TDs = document.getElementsByTagName("td");

for (j=0; j<TDs.length; j++)
    if (TDs[j].innerHTML.indexOf(identifier )>=0)
      TDs[j].innerHTML = TDs[j].innerHTML.replace(identifier , "<strong>" + identifier +"</strong>");
      TDs[j] = '#FF8833';

I'm afraid more's to come...

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